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This wellness program is designed for women who are ready to become a full immersive version of herself. Ultimately, what you get depends on the effort you put into it. This program is based on dedication, commitment, consistency and putting forth the effort to reach your goal. A proven program will not work if you don't put the effort into making it happen. Two "Grace" days (cheat days) or the "I don't feel like it" days are allowed each month of the 90 days program. We all get to that stage where we want to throw in the towel And just know that, it is okay! Support and methods on how to shift if/when that occurs will be given. Most importantly, this program is made specifically for you. YES, you. It is made to fit your body type, structure and habits. This is designed for you, your own pace and level of commitment. You are not the same as any other woman, you are you and this is why this program is for you! Your results will not be the next woman's result, but your hard work, dedication and commitment to YOU will yield you the results you desire. 


For maximum results, limit/minimize these days. This program is 90 days, but will be broken into 15 day increments for you to build upon the previous 15 days. If you follow the plan and instructions given, you are expected to see results. This program starts, continues and ends with transparency. You must be honest about where you are at right now, habits such as: eating, snacking, water intake, etc. with yourself first, and then me. If not, this program will not work. If you are ready to put in the work, then let's work.

All plans require a 3 month commitment. Early cancellation fee does apply.

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