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I began my career in the medical field in 2005 as a
Certified Nursing Assistant while I was still in high
school. I obtained other certifications to gain more skills,
experience and knowledge that led up to me graduating
top of my class in nursing school. This accomplishment
wasn’t easy as I did this as a single mother of 2 children. I
was told by some of my coworkers that I would never
graduate because of being a single mother. When I
completed nursing school, I was 8 months pregnant with
my 3rd child.

A year and a half after graduating, I got married. Soon
after, I had my 4th child. As a newly wed and a new mom
again, one may think it’s supposed to be one of the
happiest moments. I quickly found myself in an
emotionally and mentally abusive marriage. There was
also infidelity on numerous occasions. I’m transparent with this

because in order for transformation to begin,

transparency in your current situation and where you are

MUST take place. You have to be REAL with yourself FIRST.


“We all wear masks,
and the time comes when we cannot remove them without
removing some of our own skin.”

– Andre Berthiaume



What I went through in the 1st year and a half of my marriage left me feeling unwanted, depressed, overweight, with low self-esteem, feeling unwanted and unloved, not wanting to be here any longer, and feeling like I had no purpose and no self-worth. I found myself at the lowest place of my life. I thought I wouldn’t and couldn’t come out. I had reached my highest weight of 200lbs in 2018. I was always tired. I was present physically, but mentally I was in another world. My oldest son came to me one day and said “Mom, you don’t play with us but for 5 minutes and you sit down.” I realized because of where I was at in my life, it was affecting my kids. Here is where removing the mask and taking a hard look in the mirror is necessary. Something had to change and needed to change. I became the change that I desired. I made a DECISION to take my life back in every aspect.


I first had to get my spirit right, so I really started doing some spiritual development. I also began taking natural supplements that helped me to lose the weight, put good in my body and have more energy. I later learned that self-development is key, so I made sure that I educated myself in different areas. I am now a divorced, single mother of four children who is 70lbs down and have been able to maintain it for 4 years. My passion, purpose and desire is to inspire, empower and encourage other women to take their life back to become the best version of themselves.



Women Growing Gracefully has provided me with scripture, how to give myself some grace with being a woman #1, a wife, mom, and business woman. I was broken, depressed and overweight. With God, personal development, diet and exercise, I'm 43 pounds lighter and happier. I love the woman I'm becoming! Growing Gracefully everyday.

Naja Levels

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